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Meet Justin Decloux, writer/director of Teddy Bomb.

He's going to tell you about Teddy Bomb, and why you should check it out!

If you love Sam Raimi's Evil Dead, Peter Jackson's Bad Taste, or the craziness of Hong Kong cinema, you're going to love Teddy Bomb. Justin stuffed those and other films like them into one movie that he made with almost no money!

If this sounds like something that's tons of fun and that you're going to want to experience again and again, you have to get the Blu-ray. There's a making of, deleted scenes, alternate scenes, short films that the cast and crew made and 10 commentary tracks! Yes, you read that correctly, you are not insane!

10 commentary tracks!

So you get a perspective of making Teddy Bomb, from everyone that was involved! Buy it now! Online!

Thank you very much!

About Teddy Bomb

Teddy Bomb follows beer delivery boy Christian (Christian Murdoch) on a hilariously terrifying adventure as he discovers a sentient talking bomb that just happens to be inside an adorable stuffed teddy bear.


But this is no ordinary Teddy Bomb.

Oh heck no! Christian is surprised and amazed to discover that not only will the bomb detonate within days of its activation, it also:

  • has chainsaw fur
  • melts humans
  • explodes heads
  • cuts fingers off
  • has laser eyes
  • has a flame thrower
  • acts as an am/fm radio
  • and has mapped the entire human genome
Teddyy Bomb - Bear with blood on its face about Teddy Bomb
Adam Thorn plays a goon in Teddy Bomb. About Teddy Bomb.

Let the bloody fur fly!

The bomb belongs to a gang ring that will stop at nothing to retrieve their property. Christian, on the run, must find a way to protect his girlfriend, the city and himself as the goons swarm his home and send him bloody pizzas.

Will Christian save the day? Will he save his girlfriend? Will he save anything? Or will The Man in the Hat defeat Christian? Whatever it is, you can be sure this film will end in one bloody big bang!


CANMAKE Productions

Teddy Bomb was produced by CANMAKE Productions, a multi-media production company with a passion for story-telling and great film. CANMAKE Productions makes narrative films such as Teddy Bomb and Impossible Horror and runs a film appreciation website, Film Trap which is the distribution channel for The Important Cinema Club podcast.

CANMAKE Productions is run by Emily Milling and Justin Decloux out of Toronto, Ontario in Canada.